Programme page:

  • Choose one of the modules you want to take and click on “See more”;
  • The progress of each module is shown so you can keep track of which ones you’re missing.

    Module page:

    • You can click on one of the sessions in the module to view the content, either on the main page of the module, on the left sidebar, or by using the “Next Session” and “Previous session” buttons


    • In order to progress, all sessions and quizzes should be “Marked as complete” using the green button with the same name;
    • You can track your progress on the top bar that shows how many sessions of a module you completed;
    • You can go back to the programme page at any time by clicking the SPO + GER logo on the top left corner;


    • Please note that 1 EACCME credit will be added for each hour of watched e-learning course content.
    • At the end of each session, participants can download a certificate by clicking on the “Download” button located at the top of the session page.
    • The certificate will display the total number of credits earned for all completed modules up to and including the date of the session.
    • Please note that the certificate will only reflect completed modules and will not include any credits for incomplete or future modules.
    • It is recommended that participants keep a copy of their certificates for their records and to provide to any relevant accrediting organizations or institutions.
    • There is also a special certificate for completion of all modules. If you have completed all the modules, reach us via Feedback form about your Course completion certificate.


    • If you have additional questions please contact us by using the following link:

    Feedback Form

    If you have found an error in any of the module’s content, or if you have any questions or concerns, please use this form to let us know. Thank you in advance for your feedback.